7 Safety Tips for Travellers While Taking a Taxi

Taking a Taxi

Travelling in a foreign country involves a lot of risks to your safety as you do not know the place and people. The chances of getting tricked or robbed increases when you do not know where to seek help. Getting a taxi in unknown places can create similar situations if you do not know how to deal with cab drivers. These tips will help you travel safely while taking a taxi on your international trip.

Take the help of a local friend

If you find anyone you can trust in a foreign place, take their help to know the fares to travel to your destination. You can even inquire about this in your hotel. You can even ask a local person to help you get a taxi that can take you to your destination safely(Must Watch)

local friend

Know where you are going

The taxi drivers may know some shortcuts to your destination, and some parts of your journey can get isolated. This is not the moment to panic but to keep track of where you are going. You can use google maps to track down your location and if you feel that you are only getting away from your route, get out at the first instant.

Find a good cab service

The best way to travel safe is to use a popular cab service in the area that you are travelling. You can ask your hotel manager to provide you with a cab service or check out the apps that may be available in the area. In all cases, find a service that is trusted by the locals.

Always sit in the backseat

Do not leave the backseat empty and sit in the front whenever you can. Sit in the backseat from where you can monitor your driver’s movements to make sure nothing is fishy. Sitting in the front seat also creates chances for thieves to attack you from behind.

Keep your valuables safe

Another important thing to do while travelling in a taxi is to keep the valuables safe. Do not be too flashy with jewellery and gadgets, which can make you an easy target. Keep your bag close to you to prevent it from getting snatched in the mid-way.

Do not share the ride

share the ride

Even if the driver insists on getting more passengers in the cab with you, say no. When you are travelling to a different country, you are at the risk of getting attacked by strangers. Since you do not know anyone there, you cannot even seek much help incase your co-passengers attack you. Book a private cab and do not let the cab driver stop for more passengers.

Keep your phone with you

Whenever you are travelling in a taxi, your phone should be in your hand. You should be able to reach out for help through your phone immediately in case the driver does something unexpected. Keep all your emergency contacts, including hotel number and police helpline at the front so you can be quick with asking help.


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