Taxi Cab Guide to Hail a Taxi Around the World

Taxi Cab

In the times of services like Uber, you may not feel the need of searching for a taxi in the major cities around the world. But if you are in a completely new place and do not know how to hail a cab for yourself, here is what you need to know.

Locating a cab and booking a cab for travelling are two different things unless you are using a phone app. This guide will explain the things you need to keep in mind when you hail a taxi.

Never get in without discussing the fair

There are only two types of fares around the world. The metered fare and the negotiable fair. While the metered fare is fixed the cabs without a meter offer a rate that may not seem negotiable, but you have all the right to do so. If you feel the can is charging you way over what you expected, just tell the price you are willing to pay. If you cannot come into a negotiation, wait for another cab instead of taking the deal. Also, the metered cabs may offer a fixed amount, but you can never tell whether they have a rigged meter or not.

Keep your backpack with you

In case you run into an argument with your cab driver and have your baggage in the trunk, the situation will favour the driver. But, if you keep the luggage in the backseat with you, you are more likely to walk away from an argument with ease.

Keep some change in your pocket

Most of the time, the cab drivers do not have change or may pretend to not have it. If you do not have change either, you may get stuck in a situation where you will be paying more than the price. To avoid this problem, always keep the change with you.

No tipping

No tipping

Avoid giving tips to your cabby as there is no need. For many reasons, you will be paying extra most of the times, even after negotiations. Only in case, you meet an amazing cab driver who keeps you safe as you are a tourist, you can think about tipping. Still, the cab driver does not need a tip just to get you from one place to another.

Keep note of directions

Always keep the address of the place where you are staying when you are travelling outside your city or country. It will be better is the directions are written in the local language. The times when you are too drunk in a new place, these directions will help your cab driver to get you back home safe. Probably in such scenarios, you can consider leaving a tip. This note will also help you get to know the fare for a cab from the locals so that no driver thugs you for it.



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