7 Best Taxi Apps to Use While Travelling the World

Travelling the World

Today you can hail a safe taxi through mobile applications at great prices. It eliminates the headache of dealing and negotiating with an unknown cab driver who might also create problems for you later during your trip. There are easy to use cab services who send their cabs to your location and help you reach your hotel room safely or home safely. Here are seven taxi booking apps from around the world that you can use during your journeys.


Arguably the best cab service present today which is available in more than 630 cities around the world. It offers cab services at all times and scenarios at fair rates. Whether you want to book a cab for the airport or want to reach home safe after a long party, Uber provides the quality service that you need. You can pay through cash, card, of wallets for convenience.



Lyft is a great app which offers cab service to more than 200 cities across the United States. It is a great competitor for Uber for working in the USA. You just need to download the app, feed your location and destination, and receive quick service.

Ola Cabs

Ola is a tough competitor to Uber in India which provide the same quality services at fair prices. It provides the fastest cab service over a few clicks. Ola also features SOS service, live tracking, driver details, and other security features for customers.

Ola Cabs


Gett is a simple cabs service concept which is meant to treat the customers nicely. The service is available in over 100 cities across Europe and the US. It is rated to be one of the best cab service app which provides affordable prices.


Grab is another application in South-East Asia which provides the easiest and fastest cab booking options. The app offers a cab facility for every price range. It also offers a bike taxi for cutting through the traffic. Customers can make payments in cash, credit, and wallets. There are also Grab Credits that customers can earn.



Hailo is a cab service available in the UK, Spain, and Ireland and is rated as one of the top cab booking apps. The app also offers runtime tracking within the app with SOS option at the home screen. The drivers are verified and are given licenses to work with Hailo for a safe service.

Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is another big cab service app which is available in more than 420 cities globally. It has a userbase of 25 million users and offers budget and premium services for all kinds of needs. It is a quick service which does not require you to pay by cash. One can also share the ride with other passengers to save money on the fares.


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